Interim Sales Management


  • Delivers an Interim Sales Management resource/function, to your business.
  • Delivery of ‘knowledge share’ and process analysis whilst on the ground.


  • Maintains continuity with your sales function whilst recruiting permanent resource.
  • Maintains an objective based focused sales approach.
  • Maintains continuity for Your sales team, key for reporting and motivation.
  • Creates a direct on ‘on the ground’ reporting line for You, as a business owner

‘Continuity of Targeted Sales Effort Against Objectives’

peopleFinding the correct resource to maintain both company values and performance can be tough. I provide full Interim Sales Management services, including people, process and pipeline management responsibility; designed to fill the gap until that proven sales manager can be found and retained; I am also experienced in selecting and recruiting effective management resource marketing and sales..

Software, business consulting and IT Markets follow the trend where proven and effective sales mangers are a valued resource, this often means competition for this resource is fierce.

Driven by more attractive salary packages and career enhancement opportunities, the market for sales managers remains fluid as organisations constantly seek effective managers to drive forward opportunities and create business revenues through effective process and people management.

Joseph understands the need to find and retain the most appropriate resource and also the necessity to allow due time and attention to do so.

Joseph has a proven sales management pedigree in both the direct and indirect sales arenas. I have the capability to provide proven and effective sales management resource to help you achieve your short to medium term organisational sales and business development goals.

Such interim sales management solutions can help to maintain continuity enable organisational and cultural change and drive processes and process improvements.

By appointing Joseph as an interim sales management function to your organisation He will ensure you have the time and security to screen and select appropriate marketing and sales management, specifically in relation to the requirements of your organisation; all with the added security of the highest level of integrity and with a 100% flexible approach.