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Pipeline Campaign Development


  • Provision of targeted new business campaigns, using various communications.
  • Generation of sales pipeline from ‘Suspect’ to ‘Revenue’.
  • Targeted marketing activity – email, telephone and face to face campaigns
  • Provision of a flexible campaign development function.


  • Turn On/Off resource, as and when required – Cost efficient.
  • Scalable to meet the demands of your business.
  • Creative and fresh approach to campaign initiative.
  • Allows You to focus on day-to-day business as usual.
  • Pro-active in building a sales pipeline.

‘Target, Build and Qualify Your Pipeline, Efficiently and Without Disruption to BAU’

cupApproaching and building a sales pipeline can be a minefield for many companies. Effectively identifying ‘suspect’ clients and addressing them appropriately is the first hurdle to building a successful, qualified and manageable pipeline.

Joseph has extensive sales and pipeline development experience, from mass marketing through technology, to targeted direct selling activities; your approach will be dependent upon many factors however, underpinning this process will be the identification of the best fit process/solution for you need.

Joseph is able to assist in building your sales prospect pipeline, by working with you in a targeted sales and marketing capacity.
We are able to work with your existing company data, client lists and company information, or to source and utilise external data gathered by you or your employees, to market to potential clients accordingly.

Effective email marketing campaign results then deliver vital Business Intelligence (BI) back to you in the form of reporting, identifying uptake, potential hotspot clients, analysis of ‘what worked’ and ‘what did not’, and of course important feedback relating to interest in your products or services.

Based upon this reported feedback, Joseph is able to easily deliver some quick wins and target your companies ‘prospecting‘ in a much more qualified and efficient manner.

Solutions in this area are very specific to your individuality as our client. An effective approach is designed after considering many factors, including the proposition characteristics, key selling points (benefits), the value statements you are communication and also the type of client you are trying to attract.