Unique Proposition Development


  • Provision of unique Proposition Development – ‘Products’ or ‘Services’,
  • Proposition Road mapping,
  • ‘Fuzzy Logic’ Brainstorming Workshop Facilitation,
  • New Proposition Specification Analysis and Reporting,
  • New Proposition Market Analysis Services,
  • Cost and Revenue Modeling for unique Propositions.


  • Ability to engage with a creative and entrepreneurial mindset,
  • Efficient market testing of new ideas,
  • Quantifiable’s delivered in support of Your proposition development,
  • Logical and reasoned product/service evolution road mapping,
  • External catalyst to proposition workshops, creative sessions,
  • Pilot reporting feedback, analysis and action,
  • Remain focused on BAU while enabling continued proposition development.

‘Develop and Evolve Business Critical Product or Service Propositions’

lightYour proposition is one of the most fundamental contributors to the success of your business. Joseph has a proven pedigree of developing market ready unique proposition in both the product and services arenas and has the tools to enable you to harness creativity and bring to market solid, viable and saleable offerings.

Understanding and presenting your proposition based upon clear and concise messaging is a natural progression in the cycle of winning and retaining business; starting at the obvious place and beginning with a competitive analysis, which looks at your competitors and identifies where your opportunities and market threats are.

Working to identify and develop your key proposition is therefore fundamentally a pivotal part of your business process, be this either in the form of a product or a service. Understanding why your proposition will be attractive to your customers and how to drive a viable proposition is now, and will continue to be the key to your success and the generation of revenue and securing of long-term business relationships.

Joseph works with you to identify the real Value of your proposition; beyond simple Features, Advantages and Benefits statement (FAB).
We apply a combination of market awareness and business consultancy skills to understand the real drivers for your prospects or existing clients to engage with your organisations product or service.

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