Sales & Business Development Mentoring


  • Mentor and Coach You or your sales personnel.
  • Delivery Support and Advice to enhance sales capability.
  • Analysis of sales processes and process improvements.
  • Engage with You or your team on key sales opportunities.
  • Key sales process support, as applicable/appropriate.


  • Ability to tap into extensive, proven experience based sales knowledge,
  • Delivers an alternative sales approach,
  • Engages an alternative mindset when approaching sales challenges,
  • Fresh, creative and new Business Development initiatives,
  • Switch On/Off capacity, as required.

‘Increased Revenues, Rescued Customers and Motivated Employees’

hands A fully flexible resource that acts as an integral part of your business, assisting in specialist sales development; a Virtual Sales mentor and Trouble Shooter, here to assist and move forward your sales and business development function, whether with a customer conflict or a new business initiative. Adaptable to your requirements, as and when your needs dictate.

Based on over a decade and a half of blue chip, corporate and SME sales development experience, Joseph provides a robust and flexible engagement sales resource model to your organisation.
Having the ability to activate a sales resource that is proven and effective whilst remaining a low risk option, delivers a powerful asset in building your sales capability.

With over 16 years of Sales and Business Development experience, this Sales Mentoring capability is ideally placed to assist your sales operations.

A few of the services Joseph is able to provide in this area:

  • Sales Training (Including Recruitment Training),
  • Sales Process Support,
  • Sales Employee Shadowing,
  • Proposal Writing,
  • Client Meeting Shadowing and Mentoring,
  • Business Development Support.

This service is fully flexible and is driven by your requirements for support in various sales capacities.