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Sales Strategy


  • Strategic Sales Planning and Work shopping,
  • ‘As Is’ and ‘To Be’ GAP Analysis,
  • Strategic Road-Mapping of Sales Objectives/Milestones,
  • Sales Reporting, sales marketing and Sales Intelligence,
  • Key Sales Resource Planning – Including Needs Analysis and ‘Targeting’,
  • Board/Senior Management Advisory Addressing RISK and Continuity.


  • Clearly define objective based sales goals,
  • Identify a plan of how to approach achieving business sales goals,
  • Ensure the correct people/resources are in place at the correct time,
  • Manage growth strategically and efficiently,
  • Provision of a ‘working document’ outlining Key sales milestones,
  • Aligns Your sales effort with market trends and strategic direction.

‘Strategically Manage and Better Understanding Your Sales Effectiveness’

blocksDefining a concise object and outcome based strategy to drive effective sales will not only deliver all important revenues to your organisation but also create sustainable pipeline and build longevity to relationships with your clients.

Joseph will work with you to derive clear objectives and an effective and efficient plan identifying those strategic elements, key achievable and milestones required for monitoring performance and progress against your sales/revenue/company goals.

Following the initial explorative phase and strategy identification, we then partner with your key stakeholders to drive a related business sand resource strategy on how best to achieve the goals outlined within your sales strategy.

Alongside your strategic work it is crucial to any planning and strategic exercise to analyze and benchmark data and results; working in this way not only provides key performance indicators (KPI’s) but also delivers an important ‘performance against plan’ reporting facility. The effective analysis of this information can help to drive changes to strategy as a continual exercise and not just at year-end when sales figures and performance are traditionally reviewed.

Joseph has extensive experience in this area and is well position to assist with your strategic sales activity, sales marketing, planning and reporting.

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