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Systems & Software Development


  • Business Need Driven Application/Software Development Function,
  • End to End Development Process – Analysis, Development, Testing,
  • Full Software Implementation Support – Including Training,
  • Ongoing Software Support and Re-Development Capability.


  • Continuity between business awareness and software implementation,
  • Fully scalable, manageable and relevant development activity,
  • Complete development lifecycle – based upon true business need,
  • Fully staged implementation with key milestones and agreed achievable,
  • Total cost control, lower overhead costs and forecastable ongoing costs,
  • Delivery on time and within or below budget, every time,
  • Total delivery ownership, no third parties or excuses…

‘Create Business Efficiencies Through Targeted Software Implementation’

Major efficiency drivers in businesses today are achieved through relevant and effective implementations of technology solutions, either in the WWW space or, as increasingly mandatory to business, the effective, efficient and secure use of company and client data.

Progress Solutions is able to deliver, and has significant experience in the field of bespoke end-to-end Systems Development solutions, and their implementation in an ethical and people focused manner.

We have a proven pedigree of Systems Development, including the Testing and Implementation of your new solution.
By understanding and utilising our Business Case development services, including Defining, Scoping, Specification Writing and Technical Development.

We are a dual campus development capability, focusing in the main on Microsoft and Open source (Drupal/ LAMP) related technologies.
Post implementation we are able to provide Support Services, User Training and Technology Road mapping, ensuring you realise maximum benefit from your investment and continue to evolve the initial solution as required by your changing business.
We conduct this process in a no waffle, no jargon and effective manner; the delivery of your solution is driven by your business needs, ensuring what is delivered is fit for purpose and cost effective.

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